Sanctions Environment – Get Preventive Advice for Your Transactions and Remain Fully Compliant

You know goals of your transaction. You know your clients. You have your assets. We help to remain fully compliant in sanctions environment.

Would you like:
– to run your transactions so that you keep fully compliant and ?
– to have the best transaction conditions in Switzerland for your company?
– to find and build good relationship with partners in Central Asia?
– to legally migrate your company and its accounted assets to Switzerland? From EWR or EU, or CIS or elsewhere ?
– to be sure that you have after migration no overhead, neither in costs nor in personell?
– to setup a Swiss company from the start in optimal legal form, size and structure?
– to place your company in the right Kanton and community in Switzerland?
– to have right away reliable executives, staff and partners in work, executive boards, accounting, HR, taxes and audit?
– to help the beneficiaries and migrated staff to acquire Swiss work and resident permits?

Practical Executives fulfill your above requirements based:
– upon the decades of executive expertise in Switzerland and internationally;
– upon the routined, applied on daily basis knowledge on how to smoothly run a Swiss company of nearly any profile;
– upon their practical and academic knowledge in business, accounting, tax, in migration and labor laws, in international treaties of Switzerland;
– their vast professional networking among Swiss industries’ and state professionals.

You would not like, after a year:
– to face unpleasant tax or  social regulations surprise?
– to be confronted with claims coming from labour or social conflicts?
– to find out that your running costs are higher than the industry’s optimum costs in Switzerland?
– to feel uncomfortable because of unknown cultural and social peculiarities, or because of media coverage?

Practical Executives do mitigate such risks – operational, PR, law-based and social – because of:
– their refined, best practice based and high-education standards in overall leadership;
– their knowledge of typical risks and caveats, which newly founded companies could face in Switzerland;
– their optimal blending of Swiss and international leaders within team of Practical Executives.