About us

Aiaz Bakasov
Experienced Chairman with a demonstrated history of success in the investment management industry. International expertise in Banking, Alternative Finance, Entrepreneurship, Mergers & Acquisitions, and Private Equity at Credit Suisse, LLB Switzerland and other banks. Strong Turnaround Management leader with proven record of successful international reorganizations such as of Sea Launch. An entrepreneurship professional graduated from Graduate School of Business Administration (Zurich). Hightech insights based on PhD in Quantum Physics and completed ICT projects. Forward looking strategies based on neural networks and hybrid-blockchain technologies.

Christian Georg Schmidt
Partner at Dulac Capital responsible for Russia, CIS and Eastern Europe, known as responsible, enterpreneurial, strategic and analytical thinker. High self-motivation, committment and efficient working attitude. Christian is a distinguished, result orientated executive. Among his other milestones we just mention here Credit Advisory and Corporate Finance and Trade Finance at Societe Generale / Rosbank Russia, Business development at Coutts & Co Ltd, Zurich, and Private Banking and Wealth Management at Zürcher Kantonalbank and in Dresdner Bank (Switzerland) Ltd.