Services and Prices

  • Incorporation – before, during and after
  • Operations – smooth and based upon the best practices
  • Taxes – optimized, whereas fully and timely paid
  • Budgeting – only what your business requires for success and growth
  • Workforce and Swiss labor law compliance – avoiding law conflicts, and social and cultural pitfalls
  • Migration, work and living permits – Switzerland as your home

I. Prior to Incorporation

Price in CHF
Tax optimizing selection of a Swiss kanton and a community for company’s registration
as of 2500
At given shareholder structure and at forecasted financials

Tax analysis for shareholders structure and tax optimizing regarding forecasted dividends
as of 2500
Both for legal entities and for natural persons
I.3Budget and tax planning analysis for the legal form and organizational structure
as of 2500
Company forms: holding, management, operational, domiciled, trading, society etc.
I.4Analysis and recommendations on immigration of shareholders
as of 4900
Globally impact: tax, income and ultimate beneficiary
I.5Analysis and planning of immigration of foreign personnel
as of 4900
Looking at tax, family and pension/social impact
I.6Legal migration of existing foreign company to Switzerland, fully encompassing existing assets
as of 9900
Status, tax, financials and contractual implications
I.7Family migration advisoryas of 4900Schooling, language, social

II. Incorporation

Price in CHF
Standard incorporation of an AG as of 3500

Standard shareholders agreement, standard statutes

Standard incorporation of a GmbH
as of 2500
Standard partner agreement, standard statutes
II.3Taylored incorporation of an AG
as of 7900
Taylored shareholders agreement and taylored statutes, specific corporate policies and duty separations
II.4Taylored incorporation of a GmbH
as of 6900
Taylored partner agreement and taylored statutes, specific directors duty separations
II.5Bank compliance capability checks for shareholders, partners and beneficiariesas of 2500
Opening corporate bank accounts requires passing AML, FATF, etc. compliance
II.6Bank compliance capability checks for management, directors and further signatories
as of 2500
Bank accounts require compliance of signatories and decisions makers
II.7Bank compliance capability checks for contractual partners as of 4900Transacting with contractual partners requires passing compliance

III. Running your company

Price in CHF
1st year’s optimized/minimum annual budgetas of 6750

Considering recruiting and starting costs, timing choice

Averaged optimized budget (after 2nd year)
as of 4900
At a given business plan
III.3Management & personnel recruiting
as of 1490
Local staff, quality assurance, industry standards
III.4External accounting IFRS/Swiss GAAP, tax, social, work, various authorities
as of 8900
Incl. salaries, social payments, VAT, source tax
III.5Full corporate taxes, depending on industry, contracts, partners, double taxation treatiesas of 4900
Taxes: profit, capital, stamp, transactions, incl. DBA
III.6Taking over interaction with tax, social, immigration, labour and other authoritiesas of 9900
Status, tax, financials and contractual implications
III.7Migration/work permits application/processingAd hocHighly goal-achieving

IV. Domiciling / "Hibernating" / Closing

Price in CHF
GmbH closure after required expiration time as of 2500

Conducting standard legal procedure

AG closure after required expiration time as of 3500
Conducting standard legal procedure
IV.3Audit for accelerated company closureas of 18000
Audit, closure accounting and interaction with authorities
IV.4Domiciling a new or a former operating company
as of 7490
Providing full domicile service
IV.5«Hibernating company»as of 4900
Keeping only legal structure
IV.6Merging / Selling / Reorganizing companyAd hoc
At your given conditions or with prior services from IV.7
IV.7M & A advisoryAd hocLegal and tax analysis, plan workout, implementation.

What you wish and what not

Do you now want:
– to run your company so that it has a known, well optimized annual budget?
– to have the best tax conditions in Switzerland for your company?
– to seamlessly comply with Swiss labour law, Swiss migration law, Swiss social regulations, Swiss financial regulations?
– to legally migrate your company and its accounted assets to Switzerland? From UK or EU, or elsewhere ?
– to be sure that you have after migration no overhead, neither in costs nor in personell?
– to setup a Swiss company from the start in optimal legal form, size and structure?
– to place your company in the right Kanton and community in Switzerland?
– to have right away reliable executives, staff and partners in work, executive boards, accounting, HR, taxes and audit?
– to help the beneficiaries and migrated staff to acquire Swiss work and resident permits?

You do not want after a year or few:
– to face unpleasant tax or  social regulations surprise?
– to be confronted with claims coming from labour or social conflicts?
– to find out that your running costs are higher than the industry’s optimumal costs in Switzerland?
– to feel uncomfortable because of unknown cultural and social peculiarities, or because of media coverage?

How we help you


Practical Executives fulfill your stringent requirements based:
– upon the decades of executive expertise in Switzerland and internationally;
– upon the routined, applied on daily basis knowledge on how to smoothly run a Swiss company of nearly any profile;
– upon their practical and academic knowledge in business, accounting, tax, in migration and labor laws, in international treaties of Switzerland;
– their vast professional networking among Swiss industries’ and state professionals.

Practical Executives do reliably mitigate all risks involved – operational, PR, law-based and social – because of:
– their refined, best practice based and high-education standards in overall leadership;
– their knowledge of typical risks and caveats, which newly founded companies could face in Switzerland;
– their optimal blending of Swiss and international leaders within team of Practical Executives.

Video Manuals

Налог на Прибыль: почему он “трёхслойный” в Швейцарии? — Profit Tax: Why it has 3-Layers in Switzerland? Почему “АГ” в Швейцарии лучше, чем “ГмбХ”? — Why “AG”-company is more suitable than “GmbH”-company?