What you wish and what not

Do you now want:
– to run your company so that it has a known, well optimized annual budget?
– to have the best tax conditions in Switzerland for your company?
– to seamlessly comply with Swiss labour law, Swiss migration law, Swiss social regulations, Swiss financial regulations?
– to legally migrate your company and its accounted assets to Switzerland? From UK or EU, or elsewhere ?
– to be sure that you have after migration no overhead, neither in costs nor in personell?
– to setup a Swiss company from the start in optimal legal form, size and structure?
– to place your company in the right Kanton and community in Switzerland?
– to have right away reliable executives, staff and partners in work, executive boards, accounting, HR, taxes and audit?
– to help the beneficiaries and migrated staff to acquire Swiss work and resident permits?

You do not want after a year or few:
– to face unpleasant tax or  social regulations surprise?
– to be confronted with claims coming from labour or social conflicts?
– to find out that your running costs are higher than the industry’s optimumal costs in Switzerland?
– to feel uncomfortable because of unknown cultural and social peculiarities, or because of media coverage?